Over 20 Years in North Charleston

And many more years and memories to continue coming.

For us, it's not just about raising the bar on engaging customer service, but continuously adding value and layers to the experience that people have when interacting with the multiple parts of our business. Whether you are picking up a lunch dish from our upcoming food truck or doing some shopping at our grocery store, we aim for each of you to feel appreciated at all times.

Our 20 years in the Lowcountry have brought us so many blessings, along with the incredible customers we've been able to bless with our delicious food and wonderful service. To us, our customers, and our communities, are our family. So it is our duty to ensure we provide you access to quality products that will make you more self aware, and feel great. 

The Lowcountry has a history and culture so diverse and unique, our goal is to contribute to it with Caribbean and West Indian foods and culture like you've never experienced before. We welcome all to come eat, experience, and enjoy what we have to offer. 


"Great, great food. You will not be disappointed and it is definitely worth the money. I don't usually Bragg on someone's else food but I got to give props where it is due. Trust, I'll be back."- Tyrone